Top 7 Hair Color Ideas for Winter

getting a nice hair dye this season, then read ahead to find out 7 hair color trends that you can try in winters of 2019/2020.

  1. Pearl/Platinum Blonde:

The first one on our list is pearl/platinum blonde. This amazing shade of blonde hair is just too bold and worth the try this winter season. Many celebrities and influencers have already dyed their hair in this shade for the cold season this year.

  • Soft Pastel Colors:

Pastel colors are everything this season. We have seen many fashion designers add these soft colors in their winter collections, so why not add these colors in hair trends too? You can go for soft hair colors, like green, blue, lilac and strawberry red as well. We’d definitely give this one a try if we were you!

  • Ginger heads:

Although many people are natural-born ginger heads, you can also go for this hair color. It’s a bright color that seems perfect for a dull and gloomy season like winter, so why not give it a go in this chilled season?

  • Rose Gold:

The most trending color of this year, Rose Gold has won our hearts with its soft shade in pink, which looks too elegant and perfect for the winter season. You may as well go for pink hair color as it’s also trending and similar to the Rose Gold shade.

  • Chestnut Brown:

If you don’t want much bright or lights hair colors in winter season this time, then why not go for something natural and darker, like chestnut brown? It’s a beautiful shade and we sure would love to give this one a try in the winter season.

  • Smokey Blue:

We never thought Smokey blue would be topping the list of must-try hair colors in winter 2019. But now since it has, so we would definitely recommend you to go for a much bolder and wild look with this Smokey blue hair color.

  • Mocha Brown:

The last one on our list is this beautiful shade in brown, called Mocha. Just like chestnut brown, you may as well opt for this shade in brown and add in some highlights to create a dual-tone in your hair.

Final Thought

We hope that you have decided on just the right hair color that you’ll try this winter season. Form pearl/platinum blonde to soft pastels and browns, we have given you all the top trending hair colors that you can go for. Don’t forget to take a picture of your favorite celebrity/model who has the same hair dye as you want to show it to the hairdresser.

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