From Nursing to the Runway

In the world of fashion there’s one thing you have to remain. RELEVANT. With so many rising in
the industry as models, and designers, it takes having real flare to close out the runway or be
the “it” talent that everyone wants, especially if you are of color. Today we sit down and chat
with RED Agency Model, Taylor Loreal, the New Jersey native that took a leap out on faith and
stepped into her destiny. She talks about how she keeps her head leveled in such a fast-paced
industry that can easily sweep you away.

FS: Taylor, thank you for being here with me today. I must say I have admired your consistency, resilience, and fire. Tell everyone what you do.

LE: Modeling, Fashion Modeling.

FS: Tell us how you got started and what the road has been like for you to get to where you are now?

LE: So , all my life I’ve been told I should be a model up until college where it got so overwhelming that I knew I had to give it a try . So literally put school on hold to pursue modeling and the rest is history 🙂

FS: That’s so major and a huge risk. Putting school on hold to go after something that’s not definite. Congrats to you for that. How has this journey been for you?

LE:: Definitely not a smooth road . Every road and journey has its rocky points, trials and challenges . Main challenges for me where hip measurements and being an woman of color in general makes it more and measurement requirements for high fashion are quite unorthodox and it can become unhealthy for majority of ppl to try to obtain/maintain these measurements. It’s rather ridiculous if you ask me . But there are plenty of jobs also that don’t require those far-fetched measurements & more money involved which I’ve diverted my energy into that route of modeling now .

FS: What were your aspirations as a child? I know you said people would tell you that you should model.

LE: For a long time I wanted to be a model but at one point in my life I went to university for nursing

FS: Who are some models that you look up to?

LE: Joan Smalls , and Naomi Campbell – she paved the way for models of color

FS: You’ve done a lot of work. What job are you most proud of?

LE: Lancôme beauty

FS: What is your hopeful job to book one day?

LE: Calvin Klein ad

FS: There’s a lot of people looking at you. I’m sure some girls that want to follow in your footsteps. What’s your advice for them?

LE: Don’t take the rejection personal .

FS: Anything coming up that you’re working on?

LE: I’ve been getting more into acting. Getting really serious about it. People can follow me on IG @lorealellis

FS: Awesome! Thanks for chatting with me today and best of luck on all your endeavors!