Top 5 Winter Outfits You Should Try

As we’re getting closer towards the end of the year; we all know that it gets colder day by day. Every year we wait for this time because it’s a beautiful, cold season in which you can try out all your warm and fuzzy outfits. The best part about winters is how you get to […]

Top 7 Hair Color Ideas for Winter

getting a nice hair dye this season, then read ahead to find out 7 hair color trends that you can try in winters of 2019/2020. Pearl/Platinum Blonde: The first one on our list is pearl/platinum blonde. This amazing shade of blonde hair is just too bold and worth the try this winter season. Many celebrities […]

Loreal Ellis

From Nursing to the Runway In the world of fashion there’s one thing you have to remain. RELEVANT. With so many rising in the industry as models, and designers, it takes having real flare to close out the runway or be the “it” talent that everyone wants, especially if you are of color. Today we […]