Top Picks From The 2020 Fashion Trends For Men and Women

Fashion lovers are always looking to keep their wardrobe updated with the latest trends. Supermodels, fashion designers, and style icons fulfill all our dreams of everything in-vogue. They all work their best to bring all the most innovative new trends to us, and this year has been no different. Here are the top picks from the 2020 men and women fashion shows.
#1 Chunky Boots:

Get yourself a dress, cinch it at the waist, and put on some chunky boots. You’re ready to go with the perfect grunge girl look. This was the big thing back in the 1990s but now it’s back so don’t be afraid to embrace your love for everything vintage.

#2 Loose-Fitting:

Lately fitted clothing has been out of the game. Get yourself some loose cut menswear and some baggy denim. This trend is definitely Chandler Bing approved. This trend is probably going to last for another decade so make sure you jump on the bandwagon as soon as possible. You need to create a balance with this trend for example you can’t just wear skinny jeans with a loose fitted shirt. That would look ridiculous. Instead, pair up similar cuts together to create a smooth wave.

#3 Puff It Up:

Puffy sleeves and shoulders were the thing back in the 1980s but now this trend is back. This trend proves that minimal can always amp up your look without any hassle. Puff shoulders on both blouses and dresses look extremely stylish. If you’re into making a statement with your outfit, try this trend but make sure the rest of the look is subtle so you don’t look messy.

#4 Floral Prints:

This trend has just recently picked up its game. You would need to have the right confidence to rock this look since it is a bold and bright street style look. Most men may find floral prints overwhelming but it does bring spring or sunny type of a look that gives more dimension to your outfit. 

#3 Infuse The Pastel:

These are something that would never go out if style. It’s multi-purpose as well, you’re blocking out the sun as well as looking stylish. Bucket hats are something that goes with almost everything. You can choose any colored hat that goes with your outfit. It can be yellow or pink or blue or any color you’re feeling. 

#6 Tartan:

Although Tartan is usually associated with school uniforms, recently it’s been a popular look. Bold suits paired up with this classic design look extremely good. If you want to look classy go for traditional colors however don’t be afraid to experiment with some bold and bright colors as well. It would work perfectly as a focal point of your outfit however make sure to pair minimal accessories with it.

The fashion trends of the year 2020, whether for men or women, were full of absolutely wonderful styles that left us all in awe. At least 2020 has one good thing; showstopping fashion trends!

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