The Hottest Makeup Trends of Fall 2020

Time is moving fast and as it keeps moving trends also keep changing especially makeup trends. If you look at how makeup was done in the 2000’s you would not be able to stop cringing. Thankfully the makeup industry has advanced a lot over time and now we have absolutely stunning makeup trends going around. Let’s go over a few of these trends so that you don’t stay behind.

#1 Glass Skin:

This look can be achieved by putting on tons of moisturizers, serums, and illuminating creams topped off with a combination of both cream and powder highlight. You would have to use a setting powder to make sure it doesn’t look like you bathed in oil. 

#2 Graphic Eyeliner:

We’re all used to the basic eyeliner but forget about that now. Try a floating liner instead it looks very trendy! Basically, you place the liner in your crease and it looks even better if you use some neon colors. It adds a bit of a dramatic look and screams fun.

#3 Colored Inner Corners:

If you’re not into doing a very colorful look but still want some color to your eyes. Wear a neutral eyeshade and place any color of your choice on the inner corner. Pink and neon green have been the most trending colors for this look. Popular sensation Kylie Jenner has been seen rocking this look.

#4 Pop of Blue:

According to a few celebrity makeup artists, blue eyeshadow has been on the trend. It is a bold shade that speaks calmness and peace. 

#5 Red Lipstick:

What a classic makeup look! It’s a timeless kind of makeup look that has been worn overages. If you don’t know what to go for wear red lipstick and you won’t even have to worry about doing an eye makeup look because all the attention will be on the lips. Red lipstick goes perfectly with an all-black outfit or if you’re going out on a date.

#6 Pop Art On The Eyes:

To get this look you create these unique shapes on the eyelid, fill them in with a bright neon shade and top it all of with a classic black liner. You can either use powders, pencils, or cream shadows. Or if you’re on a budget just use a liquid lipstick you may already have. 

#7 Tinted Mascara:

A color-tinted mascara is subtle yet becomes the showstopper. Riverdale celebrities have been seeing rocking this trend the most.

#8 Glittery Eyes:

This is your key to adding that lovely sparkle in your life, as well as your makeup looks. Pack some glitter eyeshadow on your lids, top it off with a heavy coat of mascara and you’re good to go.

You’re going to be seeing loads of celebrities, makeup artists, influencers, and style icons rocking these looks and you definitely wouldn’t want to stay behind. So, get yourself in touch with the hottest makeup trends of fall 2020 and get creative!

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