Hottest Picks from the Spring 2020 Fashion Shows

Looking for the top fashion trends for spring 2020? Well, here we are with the most fashion trends that you can follow to stay fashionable this season.

#1 Asymmetric Ruffles:

The best way to add an instant chic touch to your outfit s to add ruffles to it. The flowing, loose ruffles give you a sense of femininity and cuteness. Even this year in the spring fashion shows for 2020, the very talented models were seen gracing the ramps with tops decorated with gorgeous asymmetric ruffles. They made sure to make a big statement with all their flow-y glory as they cascaded down the hips or the shoulders of the outfits.

#2 70s Throwback Blazers:

This year’s spring/summer fashion shows brought back the classic 70s fashion with the bold-looking, well-tailored blazers. The crazy, multi-colored prints, as well as the smooth plain prints, adorned the body of the smart models that walked down the ramp with confidence and class. The classy blazers were paired with pointed collared shirts that contributed to the edgy look. Anyone can rock these bold blazers at the office to attain the professional, dominant look.

#3 Short Shorts:

As the summer season is all about relaxing in the most minimal clothing to get the best out of the warm weather, pair your outfit with the updated barely-there short shorts and get the perfect tan you have always wanted, as you show off your gorgeous legs all summer. The short shorts were sported by many famous models at the spring fashion shows of 2020 with style as they all did their best to promote the new fashion trend.

#4 Vibrant Colors:

No fashion show is complete without the bright and lively colored outfits that add life to the entire event.  Just like that, the spring fashion shows for 2020 were filled with trendy new clothes put together with bright and eye-catching colors and designs, perfect for the season. For the ones out there with the love for bright and vibrant colors, this trend is the one for you. Start your days with the head-turning, bright colors and feel fresh and happy just by dressing up.

#5 Return of Denim:

Denim has always been the classiest and the most loved fabric of all time and has never gone out of style. Even this year, the beautiful models at the spring fashion shows for 2020 showcased tons of new denim clothes with unique and appealing designs. With denim, one can always feel confident and cool and achieve the laid-back look that everyone adores. Denim was given a new fashion makeover to get the audience addicted at first sight.

#6 Futuristic Trench Coats:

Trench coats are the ultimate way to create the perfect transitional outfit for the entire year. They are just right for all of the seasons as the long, classy coat does its best to cover you up while staying fashionable and stylish. This year, these trench coats were updated with a futuristic touch to it to create a statement.

These are the top 6 hottest picks from the spring 2020 fashion shows that can help you stay trendy and look your best this season.

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