The Fall 2019-2020 Fashion Trends

They say September is the new year for all the new fashion trends to take over the world of fashion. Since this year has come to an end according to the fashion calendar and September is just around the corner, new amazing and stylish trends have arrived that you can’t just skip out from taking a look at. If you have been anxiously waiting to find out the new fashion trends of fall 2019-2020, then grab a seat and sit down to find out what the latest fashion trends have in store for you.

  • Black Leather Trench Coats:

This trend of black leather trench coats was inspired from the late 90’s when the movie “The Matrix” became a hit. People started going crazy after an all-black fashion trend which leads to inspiration even to this day as it’s back again in this year’s trend. Many of the popular designers, like Versace and Alexander Wang went for this trend and show-cased all-black leather coats on this year’s runways.

  • Ruffled Collars and Shoulders:

There is something always very extra about ruffled outfits. It makes you feel more confident and stylish. Well, lucky you, this year’s trend has a lot of ruffled shoulders, collars and even entire outfits that you can wear throughout the fall season. You can go for floral printed tops with ruffled sleeves or collars and even plain skirts or dresses with shimmer.

  • Double-Stitched Outfits:

Who would’ve thought that stitching two different outfits would actually make fashionable sense out if it? Well, if you want two of your dresses stitched into one, then go for it as this season is all about double fun. From half skirts with pants to one sleeve tops you can rock the entire look and walk around on the streets like a diva.

Nanci Olebe showed this trend in the Fashion Showdown Houston 2019 competition

  • Loose Pants:

Tired of wearing skinny jeans? No worries, as loose pants and trousers have hit the town of fashion trends and you can wear them all throughout this season without feeling left out or unfashionable. You can go for high-waisted pants with formal shirts and look like you’ve got a business empire to run.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time you pull out all your old clothes from the closet and flush in all these new trends and rock your way through this season without having to feel quaint from the world of fashion trends.

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